Sunday, 22 August 2010

Summer Gist

Just over a month now before were due back at uni and thought it was high time I start documenting what I've been getting up to this Summer. (well that, and its 5.30 in the morning and I like to use my slight case of insomnia to my full advantage)
My Summer began with a long awaited trip to Tokyo with my family to celebrate my 21st birthday.
I went equipped with 3 cameras, notepad, sketchbook and of course my watercolours to document everything!

I also went with a brief in mind to give me something to work towards for FT3103 Small Business Operation...

'You have been given a minumum budget to launch, operate and control a small venture in the fashion clothing field.
Use inspirations i.e. different areas, cultures, people to help you explore the different ways to run a small business.
Consider the marketing plan i.e. target market, budget, sales forecast etc. involved in creating a successful business.

So here are some images of small businesses in Tokyo!

Kimono Stall, Tokyo

Pink Stall, Shibuya - Helping raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness

 Flea Market, Harajuku

 Amazing colours at the Tsujiki fish market!!

I also travelled to Yoyogi Park hoping to come across their famous flea market, unfortunately it wasn't running the week I was there but I found some cool photos from photographers who got to experience it first hand!


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