Monday, 25 October 2010

Monday's lesson captured by Hakeem Balogun!

Dying creating a metallic marbel effect

 Base for press piece / potential garment for range plan

Testing samples for layering (mesh, lycra jersey)

Using natural light to show the shimmer created in the dying process

Large draping piece

Tutor Feedback
  • Work resembles that of Halston from the 70s.
  • Can create more vivid effect using more expensive fabrics e.g. rayon jersey
Print Feedback (Mica-technician)
  • To recreate more interesting areas in fabric take photos and get digitally printed on a larger scale

So I came home and googled Halston and automatically fell in love!
Beautiful clean silhouettes with amazingly fluid fabrics. Perfect for nearly every woman!

There was a pretty impressive selection of pieces being sold on net-a-porter ranging from £455 for a wool skirt to £3,775 for an embellished sillk-satin evening gown. (personally I didn't know people spent that much online!)
I found it useful to be able to zoom into the garments to see where fastenings went and how they were finished.

Especially love the cutout pieces from a/w 10/11!


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